Baltic Space Activities in 2010

Seminars on the subject of „The importance of promotion of the Baltic region as a highly developed cultural space in Europe with the aim to increase cultural tourism in the Baltic region” were organised in order to present and discuss the idea of the Baltic Culture Portal with culture professionals in all three Baltic countries; they took place on 24th November, Tallin, Estonia; 25th November, Riga, Latvia; 26th November , Vilnius, Lithuania.

Each seminar consisted of three parts:

  1. lectures about networking experiences around the world: how it works in other countries, how it improves cooperation?
  2. presentation of the concept of Baltic Culture Portal with discussions and brainstorming on what the Baltic culture organisers would like to see there and how this Internet portal could be created. Feel encouraged to participate in this part.
  3. poll that gives all participants  to express their opinions by filling in a questionnaire on the creation of a joint Baltic Culture Portal.

Seminar Aims

  • To familiarise seminar participants with the experience and knowledge gained during the development of the European cultural communications network as a prerequisite to formulating and developing EU financing proposals. The lecturer Jean Pierre Deru is a leading European specialist associated with the development and establishment of the European cultural communications network.
  • To motivate active collaboration among professionals working in the field of arts and culture as a means of specifically increasing the culture consumption statistics in the Baltic states.
  • To introduce seminar participants to the idea of a joint ‘Baltic Culture Portal’; to present the concept of a combined, on line, Baltic Cultural Events Calendar ; and most importantly to seek the inputs and views of the professionals participating in the seminar on the topics (via discussion and by questionaire).

Seminar Target Audience

CEO’s, managers and marketing specialists of the government and private cultural organisations.


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